TMC School opens 24/7 for you...

During this COVID 19 crisis, TMC closes all classes following Government's order until 30 June 2020. But TMC students from around the world may contact the school at any time via email and other media contacts. We will response to your questions, enquiries and request you need.

Regard to when to open in-house classes training again?

TMC will follow government's instruction and health care expert's guideline to assure the safety of students and teachers and staff while you are at TMC.

We will post future classes for 2020 and 2021 as soon as we have the green light for safety. For the meantime, TMC teachers' team keeps up with their education training, update class curriculum and prepare your workbooks ready for the time of your return.

The teacher team also keep you update with more knowledge. You can check the TMC Facebook for weekly learning about various conditions and massage techniques to overcome some ailment and stress.

Check in TMC website and Facebook once a week for these new informations...

Until we meet again be sure to stay well, stay strong and keep in mind we are all in this together. You have us and 20,000 TMC friends join hearts and souls together.

From TMC Team
20 April, 2020

Click to view TMC Team sending love and caring video to TMC students.

The Corona Virus Covid 19 outbreak has proven we are all connected …. throughout the world and across all nations. This pandemic has brought us a huge challenge way of living.

Sooner or longer there will be a new normal, unknown consequences…. but TMC has faith and believe that the virus cannot dehumanize the characteristics of humanity in connectedness, loving and kindness. Let us all continue and resume, giving and receiving the arts of Thai massage with the 2 hands and the true heart after physical distancing is over. TMC members including former TMC students know that healthy concern is our top priority.

During the time of isolation, we must work on our mindset and gratitude, practicing mindfulness, prayers and meditation, stay positive, more importantly is to search for opportunities to invest in ourselves – the ability to earn, get prepared and move on for the better days. We will bring forward measures for healthy learning at TMC. We look forward to meeting with you here in Chiang Mai, to TMC school where former students should come back and embrace your second home city and for new students to journey and build on the connectedness of community.

Thai Massage Knowledge update weekly…


Latest Review from some students at TMC
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Beyond than learn, absolutely brilliant experience! "

Mr. Casio Leonardo

   2020 | 2021

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To make your learning at TMC smooth, all text books and workbooks are FREE. Free Earth Bag hand painted by special children to each student. Free massage tools on some classes. Free TMC T-Shirts for going on field trip study. Free rides from the city (pickup zone) to school. Free practice clothes each day. Free WiFi during break time. Free herbal tea and Thai banana. And more…

DISCOUNT of 10% on tuition fee to ease your burden:

When pay in full for long courses on the first day of class:

10% off on Comprehensive Thai Massage 90 hour program; Professional Thai Massage 150 hour program; GCT-Teacher Training 300 hour program; GCT-Teacher Training 600 hour program.

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Before building a relationship with TMC, the Australian Association of Massage Therapists reviewed all the curriculum and the TMC Centre to ensure that students would receive authentic Thai Massage training at a high standard, in a quality facility.
Students considering enrolling in Thai courses should ensure they review the content of the course and its relevance to practice in Australia. The TMC course was designed specifically for safe practice in Australia."

Tricia Hughes
Chief Executive Officer: AAMT
As a massage teacher for almost 20 years, I could not be more impressed with TMC. After studying Thai massage several places in Thailand since 1995, I was referred to TMC by a friend who had also studied at several well known schools in Thailand. TMC has the most professional and knowledgeable teachers I have ever seen in Thailand. I found everyone at the school incredibly helpful and kind. Their curriculum is outstanding! I would highly recommend TMC to anyone who truly wants to learn thetraditional Thai massage way. I have brought several groups to Thailand to study since 1997 and I will continue to bring them to TMC. I would also like to thank all TMC staff for your unwavering dedication and for always making everyone who enters your school feel like family. Peace & Blessings"

Margie Meashew,LMT,CTWT
An award winning teacher of the year through
all the career colleges of the United States.
President/Head Instructor: Universal Touch Inc.
Florida, USA

As a complete beginner in the SPA Education Industry, my 300-hour GCT training at TMC School of Chiang Mai had helped paved my career into setting up an Aesthetic & Body Therapy Academy in Singapore. We are now an approved training organization offering many International and National qualifications.
The strong support rendered by TMC School had also enabled us to offer its curriculum as an affiliated school in Singapore. SingTrain Academy owes its success to the professional training my trainers and I received from TMC School of Chiang Mai. We will continue to pursue our passion in bringing SPA and Beauty education to its utmost professional level."

LEE Wendy, LMT, Teaching Credential
Principal/Instructor/Therapist SingTrain Academy Pte Ltd Singapore Graduate GCT 300 Hour Curriculum
I am successfully running TME, a Thai massage school in Europe thanks to my excellent education at TMC Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai. Now, my graduation GCT 600 is many years ago and I am still happy and grateful for the 6 month of training(GCT 600) at TMC School which made me a professional and where I obtained my skills to teach in a well structured manner.
I have had experienced foundation courses in Thai Massage at lots of places like Wat, hospital, Thai massage schools and private teacher in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, but as I came to know TMC in Chiang Mai I knew that this is the place I like to absolve a long term teacher training myself.
The GCT 600 Program from TMC is a very good structured learning system, thoughtful and with care created, you can directly apply your knowledge with all aspects abroad of Thailand.”

Gaby Gaida, LMT, Teaching Credential
Owner/Instructor/ Therapist
TME Thai Massage Europe
Graduate GCT 600 Hour Curriculum

Your day starts by school taxi arriving at your place to fetch you to the school
(no extra charge). Enjoy your ride with friends – exchange stories along the way...
Professors from Chiang Mai University acknowledge the intention and dedication of TMC toward seeking highest standard of education for long term program students and join the movement to achieve the quality education goal.....
The students of these prestigious and disciplinary curriculum learn the ancient art of Thai massage both theory and practical education in classroom. They get opportunity to learn the art from the wisdom of the Thais by learning and giving back to the community....
Teacher is a sacred occupation. To be one is a noble achievement. To train someone to be such a teacher is a life time commitment for the trained teacher represents all the ancient teachers of the art and most of all the representative of the teacher preceptor to transfer the knowledge to others-from one to thousands....
The main objectives of student taking I5 curriculum are:
To be able to perform professional Thai massage and related modality with excellent quality and effectively to improve health and wellness for the public; To implement the knowledge and experience important for the graduate to return to continue for GCT Teacher Training Curriculum in the future....
They are the heart of Thai massage and most useful to people from all walk of life and around the world. Take even one class-any of these short courses-and you can bring home to your family a valuable gift that last a life time....
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